Slimy Science

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The week of Monday July 18

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


Do you like mixing things together and seeing what happens? Do you love all things slime? Do you want to make things bubble, fizz, change color, ooze, or explode? Then this is the camp for you! Join us at the Lab to learn all about chemistry, from atoms to reactions. In this camp, we will: 

Make our own Non-Newtonian fluids like slime and oobleck!  

Craft potions that change color and explode with the magic of pH and chemical reactions!  

• Try hands-on experiments to explore the basics of Chemistry from the Periodic Table to the states of matter.  

• Practice using the scientific method to invent unique potions and slimes. 

Meet a professional chemist to learn about different careers that use chemistry like oceanography, forensic science, and chemical engineering.


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