Slimey Science

The week of Monday August 16

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


Are you excited to make a mess somewhere other than your kitchen? Do you love all things slime? Are you curious as to how and why slime creates such a sticky-icky bond? Then this is the camp for you! Join the Children’s Science Center as we explore the science behind slime, oobleck, and other Non-Netwonian Fluids! Take a deep dive into chemistry with us as we: 

•Learn about molecules and how they bind together to form polymers 

•Experiment with independent and dependent variables to create substances of varying stickiness! 

•Explore the world of Non-Newtonians fluids and the physics behind shear thickening 

•Take chemistry to the next level by creating the perfect slime recipe! 

•Turn the Children’s Science Center beloved Experiment Bar into a chemistry filled Slime-making factory!  


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