Science Safari

Sold Out!

The week of Monday June 27

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


Calling all animal lovers, future vets, and junior zoologists! Join us for Science Safari where we will explore the ins and outs of all things scaly, fluffy, slimey, and feathery to explore biology, zoology, environmental science, and even engineering! 

In this camp we will: 

🐸 Design an animal exhibit while learning about animal adaptations, habitats, and diets. 

🐸 Get close-up encounters with our animal ambassadors and a behind the scenes look the daily duties of our animal care staff.  

🐸 Engineer and create your own device to help save animals! 

🐸 Learn the science behind animal training and help with a real training session with one of our animals.  

🐸 Pick a species to become an expert on and present your research to your colleagues (fellow campers)! 

🐸 Meet a real-life animal expert and learn all about their job and other animal-related careers! 

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