STEM Enrichment Series III

Feb 1 - March 22

1:30 PM  –  3:30 PM

Are you worried about the lack of science in virtual school? Do you want your child to participate in hands-on science? Do you feel they are missing out on the friendships and social-emotional learning of in person school? If yes, then this is the perfect program for your child!

This unique 8 week series creates a small online classroom community for your child that covers specific topics from the 3rd - 5th grade Virginia State Standards of Learning Science in a fun and exciting way.

Each Monday we will explore a different topic by experimenting, creating, and building, all with materials that are ready to go in a kit just for you. The kit also includes a notebook and materials to do extra activities outside of the program, so you can keep science going all week long!  2 out of the 6 sessions will be on school holidays (February 15 and March 8) and will have special "Fun Day" themes!

Our small class sizes and expert STEM educators will foster a sense of community, curiosity, and fun around science using interactive activities, hands-on experiments, and child-led design projects.

In this STEM Enrichment Series, we will:

- Explore the world of light and sound energy by experimenting with wavelength, volume, frequency, and the visible light spectrum.

- Discover the physics behind structural engineering by testing forces and materials to create the strongest structure to withstand an Earthquake! 

- Learn about Earth systems from plate tectonics to weather by creating our own weather monitoring devices and exploring extreme weather and natural disasters. 

- Dive deep into the ocean floor and experiment with ocean chemistry, topography, and marine biology. 

- Become a scientist by asking questions, following the Scientific Method, and analyzing and presenting data from an experiment of your own design.  

- Meet a guest data scientist to learn how they use statistics to draw conclusions and make their findings applicable to our everyday lives.

Students receive a STEM Enrichment kit that includes materials for each daily STEM challenge, a science notebook to record observations, step-by-step instructions to complete each challenge, extension activities to do throughout the week, and more! Kits will be available for contactless pick up Saturday, January 30th from 10am - 12pm at the Children's Science Center Lab. 

In order to provide your child with the best possible personal learning experience, screen sharing will not be permitted.  Please register each child individually. 

Member discounts are applied at checkout.

We require written notice if you need to withdraw from a program. Please send written notice by email  requesting the withdrawal. A full refund will be provided less a $10 administrative fee if cancellation is requested with 10 days advance notice.  No refunds will be processed within two weeks of the program start day.