STEM Enrichment Series II

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Starting Monday, November 9

9:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

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Join the Children's Science Center Lab for our STEM Enrichment Series II.  This program allows students to further explore and apply concepts they learn in school to project-based challenges using critical thinking, research and data sharing in a fun, creative way.  Our 6-week program, designed for 3rd through 5th grade students, begins on November 9th and runs through December 14th. This program will focus on Virginia Standards of Learning Science, specifically those that focus on life processes, living systems, earth and space, and more. It will also have a focus on technology from robotics to 3D printing! 

In STEM Enrichment Series II

Students will explore the world around them to understand the cycles, processes, and connections of the Earth through interactive and hands-on activities, building projects, experiments, and more!  

- Build their own structures to reinforce learning, from Earth models to animal habitats. 

- Experiment hands-on with water quality and erosion by designing their own filtration system.

- Design their own codes for robots to help humanity! 

- Follow the engineering process to create innovative solutions to scientific issues and problems. 

- Engage in a unique citizen science project to collect and gather data, and analyze their results.

- Meet a “celebrity scientist” working in a relevant field and share our ideas with them!

Students receive a STEM Enrichment kit that includes materials for each daily STEM challenge, a science notebook to record observations, step-by-step instructions to complete each challenge, extension activities to do throughout the week, and more! Kits will be available for pick up November 6th and 7th at the Children's Science Center Lab. 

In order to provide your child with the best possible personal learning experience, screen sharing will not be permitted.  Please register each child individually.  Second or more children are at a discounted rate of $270.

Member discounts are applied at checkout.

We require written notice if you need to withdraw from a program. Please send written notice by email  requesting the withdrawal. A full refund will be provided less a $10 administrative fee if cancellation is requested with 10 days advance notice.  No refunds will be processed within two weeks of the program start day.