Robotics 101

The week of Monday June 20

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


Join us for a week of all things robotics! From coding to circuits to building robots - we’ll try it all! See your ideas become a reality as we use technology to create robotic solutions for real world challenges and hone our engineering design skills along the way.  In this camp we will: 

🤖 Build machines from simple to complex that make our everyday lives easier. 

🤖 Investigate different types of real-life robots!  

🤖 Explore how robots are powered and make circuits of our own.  

🤖 Explore programming and create our own codes. 

🤖 Design robotic prototype and present our designs at an Invention Convention! 

🤖 Meet an expert programmer working in the field and learn all about what they do and other jobs that involve robotics! 

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All in-person camps will have a generous cancellation policy. We  will provide a full refund up to 7 days in advance of camp start date if a cancellation is made due to unforeseen circumstances or illness only if changing dates to another camp is not an option. To request a change please email us at: