Kids Night Out: Sudsy Science

Saturday December 4

5:00 PM  –  7:00 PM

Join us in the Lab for the return of Kids Night Out, featuring all kinds of Sudsy Science!  ğŸ›

This is a fun-filled night to make new friends who share a love of STEM! Eat pizza, explore the Inspiration Hub and Discovery Zone, make a bath bomb to take home, and help us make an extra sudsy explosion!

Upon arrival, your child will be placed into one of two separate groups. Pizza, fruit, drinks and dessert will be served at the start of the event. Each group will then rotate between experience areas for free exploration and guided science activities.  

Participants may sign up with siblings or friends. Children will be checked in at Guest Services. Children will be checked out to the parent checking in, unless previously noted, at Guest Services.

All children attending will be required to wear masks. Our staff is fully vaccinated and will also be masked. Children will be spaced 6 feet apart while eating.

Please note that this is a drop-off only event. If your child experiences separation anxiety or needs individual attention to eat or visit the bathroom, this event is not recommended.