Dig It!

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The week of Monday August 2

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM


Join us as we dig down into the dirt to discover all things rocks, fossils, dinos, and more! In this camp, we will do a different “dig” every day, exploring different types of dirt and sands, identifying rocks, finding fossils, and learning all about dinosaurs. In Dig It! campers will:

•Experiment with soil and erosion to study the rock cycle and find out how fossils are formed! 

•Build their own sand sifter to sort larger rock and fossil pieces out of the sand and dirt.

•Discover dinosaur bones and use their skulls and footprints to identify where and when they lived and what they ate!

•Learn how paleontologists discover fossils and practice carefully extracting real life fossil samples! 

•Create casts of fossils such as shells and dinosaur skulls to take home.


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