Color Changing Chemistry

Friday December 27

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

Designed for children currently enrolled in grades K through 5.

It's Color Changing Chemistry
Join us in hands-on experiments and activities to discover the science behind popular magic tricks and color changing reactions. Experiment with pH to learn what household ingredients are acidic or basic, and how we can use different colored indicators to tell. Explore chromatography, the chemistry of separation, to identify colors and ingredients.
During the Color Changing Chemistry Campers will:

 Brew a rainbow potion using ingredients from lemon juice to vinegar, with a little help from a pH indicator!

 Create your own pH paper to take home using grapes and berries.

• Perform a magic trick using disappearing ink to fool your friends.

 Experiment with chromatography by using markers, candy, and water! 

 Make a colorful explosion with an acid-base chemical reaction.

Participants must bring their own nut-free lunch and snack. Aftercare is from 3pm - 5pm and available for $35. 
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