Abominable Snow Camp

Thursday December 26

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

Designed for children currently enrolled in grades K through 5.

It's the Abominable Snow Camp!  ❄ ❄ 
Come in from the cold and explore the science behind ice, snow, and temperature in Abominable Snow Camp! Stay warm while doing hands-on experiments to make ice melt, snowflakes form, and snow sticky. Become a weather and snow expert by finding the perfect conditions to make for a fun, snowy day!
During the Abominable Snow Camp Campers will:

 Experiment with salt, sugar, and water to find the fastest way to melt ice.

❄ Build an igloo and test which shape makes the sturdiest and warmest winter home. 

❄ Design your own ice “shield” and compete to see whose ice cube is still standing at the end of the day! 

❄ Play with frozen oobleck and fake snow to learn about freezing points and melting points.

Participants must bring their own nut-free lunch and snack. Aftercare is from 3pm - 5pm and available for $35. 
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We require written notice if you need to withdraw from a program. Please send written notice by email requesting the withdrawal. A full refund will be provided less a $10 administrative fee if cancellation is requested with 5 days advance notice.  No refunds will be processed within two weeks of the program start day.